1. Why don't I do the taxes myself?
  2. Why does it take up to two weeks to have my taxes done, when other do while I wait?
  3. Can you look at me prior years taxes?
  4. What are your charges?
  5. Do I have to come to your office in Riverside, CA to have my taxes done?
  6. What if I get audited ?
  7. Where are you located?

Why don't I do the taxes myself ?

If you enjoy the challenge of tackling Form 1040, have time to study the tax laws, and the ability to comprehend them, by all means, you should save money and prepare your own tax return.  But, if you're like the majority of American taxpayers, the "do it yourself" route could be a costly mistake. Even if you can find time to muddle through the tax laws, you're not likely to learn everything you need to know to minimize your tax bill.  Chances are you will spend many frustrating hours preparing your return and still wind up paying more than your fair share.  Given the complexity of our income tax laws and the ever-increasing demands on our time, becoming a once-a-year tax expert just is not practical.

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Why does it take up to two weeks to have my return completed when others do it while I wait ?

Most tax preparers work off of volume following prompts on the software they use to prepare taxes.  They are primarily data entry clerks with basic tax knowledge.  They may not even be licensed and experienced in representing clients before the IRS and all the state tax agencies in the United States.  This means that they don't know how to prepare an audit-proof return, which takes time.  The IRS agreed in all three of audits (which is very few for being in business for 20 years) that all deductions were legitimate and no change in tax resulted.  

It's a matter of us taking the documents that you provide proving that you have an expense.  We cross check in our own proprietary expense history database for the location you live and work, the occupation, the hours you work, routes you travel to be sure we accurately (not over or under) state your rightful deductions. 

Sometimes it may take more than 2 weeks when we don't receive the additional information requested from the client in a timely matter.

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Can you look at my prior years taxes ?

Yes, we can.  If you come in person at the time of your first appointment they can be reviewed.   If you send us your information in the mail, we ask to wait until March, when it slows down.  Our main product line, Business Insurance, which demands much of our time is slowest during July and August and our Personal Auto and Homeowners volume is manageable so time is available to review prior year tax returns.  

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What are your charges ?

Unlike anyone else, our charges are lower than most of the other tax preparation services.  It's simple, we do little advertising.  Most of our clients come to us by word of mouth.  We want you to know up front what the cost will be so there are no surprises.  Our rates haven't changed in years, even though our costs have gone up.  It's with the understanding that in 2008 and again in 2009 people are struggling due to the economy and we are helping out by holding our prices.  We don't reduce our costs to accommodate anyone but we sometimes do more work than what we charge for and that's okay. The basic return for one transportation employee working in the MOW is $250.00, Airline pilot $350.00, Seaman $350.00 and Trainman $350.00.  If a spouse works in the same field or a field that requires employee expenses deduction add $100.00.  If there is a side business, note I said side business then add $125.00.  If you own a business then those returns start at the business pricing; a sole proprietor starts at $550 and may include employee expenses.  This is where it would be best to call and come in to get an accurate price.  Corporation returns start at $650.00 and do not include employee expenses as you need file separate returns.  Call our office for more information as every situation is different.  If you have a rental property(ies) there is an additional charge of $50.00 per rental on your return.  Also, there is a $5.00 fee charged per stock on your return.

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Do I have to come to your office in Riverside, CA to have my taxes done?

No, we do taxes for our clients from all over the country.  Half of our clients have their taxes done through the mail.  Use this form as a guide to gather the information that would be needed to prepare your tax return.

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What if I get audited ?

You don't even talk to the IRS or the State that sent you the notice.  If the tax agency calls you, tell them that you are represented and you'll get a power of attorney in the next few days.  Give them no information about your taxes, don't even ask why they are calling.  Too many people make the mistake of giving the tax agency information voluntarily that is used against them which then makes it harder to correct the problem.

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Where are you located ?

11801 Pierce Street, Riverside, CA 92505

Revised: February 17, 2013 .